Facts about ECO Friendly Paints
They can :

• Minimise the chance of allergic reaction

• Reduce the likehood of asthma in children

• Reduce headaches, nausea, fatigue, sinus irritation, skin rashes etc...caused by inhaling conventional paints

• They use water as a base where as conventional paints use a petrochemical base

• Greatly reduce indoor air pollution that can lead to lots of serious medical conditions

• All paints cans are 100% recyclable metal

• Eco paint has a minimal environmental impact
It has been scientifically proven that conventional paint continues releasing harmful chemicals years after application!
Conventional paints are made from unsustainable elements like petrochemicals.
These unsustainable elements contain a very large proportion of carbon, which can result in increased global warming & climate change.

See below a list of ingredients contained in conventional paints and their health effects.

Asthma, headache, tiredness, arthritis, eczema, mucous membrane damage.
GLYCOL ETHER : Effects nervous system, respiratory system, blood and kidneys, causes bone marrow suppression.
BENZENE : Infection of the respiratory system.
TOULENE / XYLENE : Damage to the kidney, heart, liver & nervous system. Skin irritation, dizziness, vision damage.
PHENOL : Effects Nervous system, Immune system, lungs.
Children are at Risk!
• Children breathe more air and consume more liquid per kg of body weight, and therefore are exposed to a greater amount of chemical pollutants.

• The immature nervous system of a child is more susceptible to damage by chemical pollutants.

• Children's skin has less of a barrier for absorbing chemical pollution than adults have.
Advantages of ECO Friendly Paints :
Advantages of using natural paints in the home:
Conventional paints essentially contain hazardous chemical colourants, pigments, binding elements and solvents. (known as VOCs)
As the paint dries, it emits toxic fumes in the home atmosphere which can cause serious health problems like asthma or allergies.
These volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released in the home while the paint starts to dry can cause toxic air pollution, resulting in allergies and skin rashes. Chemical sensitivity results in chest complaints, cough and asthma problems as well.
As natural paints contain minimal toxic chemical ingredients they are safe for home applications. Also toys painted with natural paints are very safe for children.
Disadvantages of using Conventional Paints:
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